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Ankle symptoms -

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Ankle symptoms: Introduction
Further information about Ankle symptoms is below, or review more specificinformation about these types of Ankle symptoms: ankle swelling, ankle pain, ankle numbness, ankle weakness, Ankle stiffness, Ankle tingling/paresthesias, Ankle rash, Ankle itchor other types.

Ankle symptoms: Symptoms affecting the ankle.See detailed information below for a list of 108causes of Ankle symptoms, Symptom Checker, Assessment Questionnaire, including diseases and drug side effect causes.

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Causes of Types of Ankle symptoms:
Review the causes of these more specific types of Ankle symptoms:
Ankle swelling (107 causes)Ankle pain (56 causes)Ankle numbness (14 causes)Ankle weakness (20 causes)Ankle stiffness (17 causes)Ankle numbness (14 causes)Ankle tingling/paresthesias (11 causes)Ankle weakness (20 causes)Ankle rash (17 causes)Ankle itch (12 causes)Ankle coldness (8 causes)Ankle bruise (8 causes)Ankle spasm (15 causes)Ankle paralysis (16 causes)Ankle burning sensations (12 causes)Ankle lump (8 causes)Ankle blueness (10 causes)Ankle paresthesia (tingling) (11 causes)more types...>>
See full list of 86types for Ankle symptoms

Ankle symptoms: Symptom Checker
Listed below are some combinations of symptoms associated with Ankle symptoms, as listed in our database.Visit the Symptom Checker,to add and remove symptoms and research your condition.

Symptom Checker Ankle symptoms: Symptom Checker
Symptom Checker Ankle symptoms and Foot symptoms (102 causes)Ankle symptoms and Leg symptoms (102 causes)Ankle symptoms and Limb symptoms (102 causes)Ankle symptoms and Joint symptoms (94 causes)Ankle symptoms and Nerve symptoms (81 causes)Ankle symptoms and Swelling symptoms (78 causes)Ankle symptoms and Ankle swelling (72 causes)Ankle symptoms and Sensory symptoms (71 causes)Ankle symptoms and Leg swelling (71 causes)Ankle symptoms and Pain (65 causes)Ankle symptoms and Sensations (63 causes)Ankle symptoms and Movement symptoms (60 causes)Ankle symptoms and Body symptoms (56 causes)Ankle symptoms and Muscle weakness (55 causes)Ankle symptoms and Musculoskeletal symptoms (54 causes)more...>>
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Ankle symptoms Treatments
Review further information on Ankle symptoms Treatments.

Stories from Users for Ankle symptoms
Real-life user stories relating to Ankle symptoms:
10 doctors and still no diagnosis - or why do socks hurt my ankles?Ankle problemmy ankle hurtsmuslce around my ankle hurts bad.Ankle problems... Any ideas?
Message Boards for Ankle symptoms
Symptom specific forums: The following patient stories in our interactive forums and message boardsrelate to Ankle symptoms or relevant symptoms:
Musculoskeletal (Muscles, joints and bones) (854)Joint and muscular pain after taking chantix Arm pain after sneezing Fifth Disease in Adults...anyone had it? Fibromyalgia Diastasis recti in adult male More user storiesNeurological (Nerves) (771)Strange Deja Vu, followed by nausea, dizziness and confusion Numbness and tingling all over Could this be MS? Tingling/numbness in arms/hands/legs/face/head [more symptoms] Eye twitch More user storiesIntegumentary (Skin) (594)Itchy red bumps all over body?Hives? Painful skin and no answers!!! Sensitive Skin to Touch Pinprick red dots, itchy skin, wrongly diagnosed Itchy, Tiny Bumps All Over More user storiesHematologic/Lymphatic (Blood and Lymph) (214)High platelet count Extreme neck pain, swollen lymph node -help Swollen lymph nodes in groin Swollen Lymph Node for 2 1/2 months Nipple Discharge More user storiesCardiovascular (Heart and Blood Circulation) (426)Chest pain and shortness of breath I can hear my pulse in my head Palpitations, inner left arm pain Purple-blue skin color Hand numbness More user storiesAllergic/Immunologic (213)Chronic hives Non-stop itching, no rash Spontaneous flushing and redness of face and body. Swelling & itching Problems with my scalp can anyone help me More user stories
Ankle symptoms: Animations Ankle Fracture - PediatricProximal Tibia
More Ankle symptoms animations & videos

Ankle symptoms: Comorbid Symptoms
Some of the comorbid or associated medical symptomsfor Ankle symptoms may include these symptoms:
Foot symptomsLeg symptomsLimb symptomsJoint symptomsNerve symptomsSwelling symptomsAnkle swellingSensory symptomsLeg swellingPainmore associated symptoms...>>
See all associated comorbid symptoms for Ankle symptoms

Causes of General Symptom Types
Research the causes of these more general types of symptom:
Lower leg symptoms (59 causes)Leg symptoms (2751 causes)Limb symptoms (3592 causes)Foot symptoms (2265 causes)Joint symptoms (1430 causes)Musculoskeletal symptoms (6264 causes)Skeletal symptoms (4109 causes)Arm symptoms (1619 causes)more symptoms...>>
Research the causes of related medical symptoms such as:
AnkleAnkle diseaseAnkle disorderAnkle pain (56 causes)more symptoms...>>
Causes of Similar Symptoms to Ankle symptoms
Research the causes of these symptoms that are similar to, or related to, the symptom Ankle symptoms:
Ankle pain (56 causes)Tingling ankle (11 causes)Edema (208 causes)Swelling (3730 causes)Ankle symptoms (108 causes)Poor circulation (1579 causes)Ankle sprain (3 causes)Pedal edemaBone fractureAnkle tingling/burning sensationNerve entrapmentmore symptoms...>>
Assessment Questionnaire: Questions your doctor may ask (and why!)
During a consultation, your doctor will use various techniques to assess thesymptom: Ankle symptoms. These will include a physical examination and possibly diagnostictests. (Note: A physical exam is always done, diagnostic tests may or may notbe performed depending on the suspected condition)Your doctor will ask several questions when assessing your condition. It isimportant to openly share any pertinent information to help your doctor make anaccurate diagnosis.

It is also very important to bring an up-to-date list of all of your allmedical conditions, medications including dosages, and names of numbers of anyspecialist you see.

Create your printable checklist here.

See Ankle symptoms Assessment Questionnaire (4listings)

Ankle symptoms: Deaths
Read more about causes and Ankle symptoms deaths.

Misdiagnosis and Ankle symptoms
Leg cramps at night a classic sign: The symptom of having leg muscle cramps,particularly at night, is a classic sign of undiagnosed diabetes.However, there are also various other causes.See causes of leg cramps or misdiagnosis of more >>

Read more about Misdiagnosis and Ankle symptoms

Ankle symptoms: Research Related Doctors & SpecialistsArthritis & Joint Health Specialists (Rheumatology):Rheumatology (Joint Health)Pediatric Rheumatology (Child Joint Health)more specialists...>>
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Rate Your Doctor by Taking a Survey OnlineResearch Your DoctorView Online Patient Surveys from Other Patients of Your DoctorResearch local doctors and specialists including ratings, affiliations, and sanctions.
Organs affected by Ankle symptoms:
The list of organs typically affected by Ankle symptoms may include, but is not limited to:
Detailed list of causes of Ankle symptoms
The list below shows some of the causes of Ankle symptoms mentioned in various sources:
Acromesomelic dysplasia Hunter Thompson type - ankle anomaliesAcroosteolysis neurogenic - ankle anomaliesAcropectorovertebral dysplasia - ankle bone fusionAcute rheumatic fever - ankle symptomsAllain Babin Demarquez syndrome - ankle bone fusionAlport Syndrome - ankle swellingAnkle fracture - ankle numbnessmore causes...>>
See full list of 108causes of Ankle symptoms

How Common are these Causes of Ankle symptoms?
This information refers to the general prevalence and incidence of these diseases,not to how likely they are to be the actual cause of Ankle symptoms.Of the 108causes of Ankle symptoms thatwe have listed, we have the following prevalence/incidence information:
2causes are "very common" diseases7causes are "common" diseases5causes are "uncommon" diseases0causes are "rare" diseases6causes are "very rare" diseases100causes have no prevalence information.
See the analysis of the prevalence of 108causes of Ankle symptoms

Conditions listing medical symptoms: Ankle symptoms:
The following list of conditionshave 'Ankle symptoms' or similarlisted as a symptom in our database.This computer-generated list may be inaccurate or incomplete.Always seek prompt professional medical advice about the causeof any symptom.

Select from the following alphabetical view of conditions whichinclude a symptom of Ankle symptoms or choose View All.
View AllA B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T V W Y
AAcromesomelic dysplasia Hunter Thompson type... ankle anomaliesAcroosteolysis neurogenic... ankle anomaliesAcropectorovertebral dysplasia... ankle bone fusionAcute rheumatic fever... ankle symptomsAllain Babin Demarquez syndrome... ankle bone fusionAlport Syndrome... ankle swellingAnkle fracture... ankle numbness, ankle pain, weak ankle, bruised ankle, ankle swelling, tingling ankle, trouble moving footAnkle sprain... reduced ankle mobility, ankle pain on bearing weight, ankle immobility, ankle pain, ankle swelling, ankle bruising, ankle pain on standing upAntley-Bixler Syndrome... decreased range of motion at anklesAntley-Bixler-like syndrome -- ambiguous genitalia -- disordered steroidogenesis... decreased range of motion at anklesArthrogryposis-like disorder... ankle joint contracturesAustrian syndrome... swollen ankles
BBernheim's syndrome... swollen anklesBethlem myopathy... ankle contractionsBrain -- bone -- fat... ankle pain, ankle swelling
CCardiomyopathy... swollen anklesCardiomyopathy -- hypogonadism -- metabolic anomalies... swollen anklesCardiomyopathy -- spherocytosis... swollen anklesCardiomyopathy due to anthracyclines... swollen anklesCardiomyopathy, Alcoholic... ankle swellingCardiomyopathy, familial dilated... swollen anklesCarnevale-Canun-Mendoza syndrome... ankle pain, ankle swellingCarpotarsal osteochondromatosis... ankle swellingChromosome 18, Tetrasomy 18p... ankle clonusChronic constrictive pericarditis... swollen anklesChronic Hepatitis C... Ankle swellingChronic interstitial nephritis... swollen anklesCirrhosis of the liver... Ankle swellingCommon peroneal nerve dysfunction... weak anklesCommon Variable Immunodeficiency... swollen ankleCor pulmonale... ankle swelling
DDana syndrome... swollen ankles
EEclampsia... swollen anklesEdema... swollen anklesEpiphyseal dysplasia, multiple, 2... ankle pain, ankle stiffnessErythema nodosum... ankle pain, swollen ankle
FFairbank disease... ankle painFamilial dilated cardiomyopathy... swollen anklesFamilial pulmonary arterial hypertension... swollen anklesFamilial renal cell carcinoma... swollen anklesFlat feet... ankle weakness
GGlomerular Disease... swollen anklesGlomerulonephritis... swollen anklesGlomerulosclerosis... swollen anklesGout... ankle pain, ankle swelling
HHeart failure... swollen anklesHoon-Hall syndrome... ankle bone fusion
IIdiopathic alveolar hypoventilation syndrome... swollen anklesIdiopathic pulmonary hypertension... swollen ankles
JJadassohn-Lewandowsky syndrome... ankle blistersJoint injury -- ankle... ankle redness, ankle numbness, ankle pain, ankle tenderness, ankle swelling, ankle weakness, ankle discoloration
KKidney Cancer... swollen anklesKidney disease-Induced Hypertension... swollen ankles
LLeft ventricle-aorta tunnel... swollen anklesLimb transversal defect -- cardiac anomaly... ankle bone fusionLupus... ankle swellingLupus nephritis... swollen ankles
MMaternally inherited diabetes and deafness with cardiomyopathy... swollen anklesMegalocytic interstitial nephritis... swollen anklesMeige's lymphedema... ankle edemaMyopathy with lactic acidosis and sideroblastic anemia... ankle swelling
NNephrotic syndrome... swollen anklesNeurodermatitis... ankle rashNonne-Milroy disease... ankle edema
OOsteoarthritis... ankle joint pain, Ankle symptoms, ankle stiffness
PPOEMS... Ankle swellingPOEMS syndrome... ankle swellingPosterior tibial tendon rupture... ankle swellingPrimary pulmonary hypertension... swollen anklesPrimary pulmonary hypertension -- Dexfenfluramine-associated... swollen anklesPrimary pulmonary hypertension -- Fenfluramine-associated... swollen anklesPulmonary branches stenosis... swollen anklesPulmonary edema... swollen anklesPulmonary hypertension... swollen anklesPulmonary hypoxic hypertension... swollen anklesPulmonary thromboembolic hypertension... swollen ankles
RReiters syndrome... ankle arthritisRenal cancer, familial... swollen anklesRenal Cell Carcinoma 2... swollen anklesRenal Cell Carcinoma 3... swollen anklesRenal Cell Carcinoma 4... swollen anklesRenal cell carcinoma, papillary, familial... swollen anklesRenal cell carcinoma, papillary, hereditary... swollen anklesRenal cell carcinoma, papillary, sporadic... swollen anklesRheumatic fever... ankle symptomsRheumatoid arthritis... ankle arthritisRight heart failure... swollen anklesRiley Shwachman syndrome... ankle clonusRuptured achilles tendon... ankle tenderness, ankle bruising
SSecondary pulmonary hypertension... ankle swelling, swollen anklesSevere fluid retention... swollen anklesSevere water retention... swollen anklesSickle Cell Anemia... ankle ulcersSingh-Williams-McAlister, syndrome... ankle pain, ankle swellingSjogren-Larsson syndrome... ankle clonusSpastic paraplegia 19, autosomal dominant... ankle clonusSpastic paraplegia 33, autosomal dominant... ankle clonusSprain... ankle pain on bearing weight, ankle pain, ankle swelling, ankle pain on standing upSubpulmonary stenosis... swollen ankles
TTalo-patello-scaphoid osteolysis, synovitis, and short fourth metacarpals... ankle pain, ankle swellingTarsal Fusion... ankle pain, ankle stiffnessTarsal Synostosis... ankle pain, ankle stiffness
VVaricose veins... itchy skin on legs or ankles, swollen anklesVerloes-David Syndrome... Ankle anomalies
WWright dick syndrome... ankle anomaliesWright Dyck syndrome... Ankle deformities
YYellow nail syndrome... ankle swelling
Conditions listing medical complications: Ankle symptoms:
The following list of medical conditions have Ankle symptoms or similar listed as a medical complication in our database.The distinction between a symptom and complication is not always clear,and conditions mentioning this symptom as a complication may also be relevant.This computer-generated list may be inaccurate or incomplete.Always seek prompt professional medical advice about the causeof any symptom.

YYersiniosis... ankle pain
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Causes of Ankle symptoms Based on Risk Factors
This information shows analysis of the list of causes of Ankle symptoms basedon whether certain risk factors apply to the patient:

Diabetes - history of diabetes or family history of diabetes?
Doctors and specialists: Who should I consult about Ankle symptoms?
Depending on the seriousness of the onset of Ankle symptoms, you may want to consult one of the following medical professionals.

Important:In extreme cases, always seek advice from emergency services :
General practitionerEmergency physicianOrthopaedic surgeonVascular surgeonDermatologistmore specialists...>>
Classifications of Ankle symptoms:
Subtypes of Ankle symptoms:

Ankle swelling (107 causes), Ankle pain (56 causes), Ankle numbness (14 causes), Ankle weakness (20 causes), Ankle stiffness (17 causes), Ankle numbness (14 causes), Ankle tingling/paresthesias (11 causes), Ankle weakness (20 causes), Ankle rash (17 causes), Ankle itch (12 causes), Ankle coldness (8 causes), Ankle bruise (8 causes), Ankle spasm (15 causes), Ankle paralysis (16 causes), Ankle burning sensations (12 causes), Ankle lump (8 causes), Ankle blueness (10 causes), Ankle paresthesia (tingling) (11 causes), Ankle burning sensation (12 causes), Ankle clonus (19 causes), Ankle pain in children (8 causes), Ankle pain on both sides (5 causes), Ankle pain on one side (9 causes), Ankle paresthesia of both sides (6 causes), Ankle paresthesia of one side (10 causes), Ankle sprain (3 causes), Decreased ankle and knee reflexes (14 causes), Gradual onset of ankle oedema (12 causes), Gradual onset of ankle pain (6 causes), Intermittent ankle pain (7 causes), Intermittent ankle pain on both sides (8 causes), Intermittent ankle pain on one side (7 causes), Numbness of both ankles (8 causes), Numbness of one ankle (9 causes), Sports related ankle injuries (8 causes), Sprained twisted ankle following jogging (9 causes), Sudden onset of ankle oedema (4 causes), Sudden onset of ankle pain (7 causes), Swelling of both ankles (10 causes), Swelling of one ankle (7 causes), Swelling of the ankles (15 causes), Swelling of the ankles as in case of cirrhosis (14 causes), Swollen ankles similar as in pulmonary hypertension (15 causes), Ankle blister (9 causes), Malleolar bleeding (7 causes), Malleolar blister (8 causes), Malleolar deformity (2 causes), Malleolar infection (6 causes), Malleolar inflammation (6 causes), Malleolar redness (9 causes), Malleolar stiffness (10 causes), Malleolar ulcer (7 causes), Sudden onset of sinus tarsi syndrome (5 causes), Sudden onset of ankle clonus (3 causes), Sudden onset of ankle paraesthesia (10 causes), Sudden onset of ankle swelling due to cardiac etiology (7 causes), ankle bruise (8 causes), ankle bleeding (7 causes), ankle infection (6 causes), ankle rash (17 causes), ankle redness (11 causes), ankle coldness (8 causes), ankle inflammation (6 causes), ankle ulcer (7 causes), ankle spasm (15 causes), ankle itch (12 causes), ankle lump (8 causes), ankle deformity (11 causes)

Medical Conditions associated with Ankle symptoms:

Lower leg symptoms (59 causes), Leg symptoms (2751 causes), Limb symptoms (3592 causes), Foot symptoms (2265 causes), Joint symptoms (1430 causes), Musculoskeletal symptoms (6264 causes), Skeletal symptoms (4109 causes), Arm symptoms (1619 causes)

Symptoms related to Ankle symptoms:

Ankle pain (56 causes), Tingling ankle (11 causes), Edema (208 causes), Swelling (3730 causes), Ankle symptoms (108 causes), Poor circulation (1579 causes), Ankle sprain (3 causes), Pedal edema, Bone fracture, Ankle tingling/burning sensation, Nerve entrapment

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Medical News summaries about Ankle symptoms
Our news pages contain the following medical news summaries about Ankle symptoms and many other medical conditions:
Kidney disease is a seriously underdiagnosed condition in AustraliaPulmonary arterial hypertension awareness needs to be raisedThyroid disorder underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed
Evidence Based Medicine Research for Ankle symptoms
Medical research papers related to Ankle symptoms include:
Sprained ankleAnkle Sprain (Follow-up)Horse-chestnut seed extract for chronic venous insufficiency: a criteria-based systematic review
Research More Evidence-Based Medicine at

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